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pure mindfulness

pure mindfulness

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Investing time into your mental health and self-care is essential. Personal peace, happiness and universal awareness are achieved when we prioritize our mental well-being. Becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions will help you achieve PURE MINDFULNESS! Always remember to remain present and confront your feelings. This is how we access the peaceful vibes that life has to offer.

MIND . BODY . SOUL Collection is dedicated to all souls battling with mental, physical and emotional issues. Inspired by true events, these candles were made with the intention to shed light and spread awareness around the struggles we face in our human experience. 

All candles have been curated with reiki healing energy by local energy worker Arlin Baez. Infused with essential oils, 100% natural soy wax and the use of eco-friendly wooden wicks, light this candle with intention and relax your mind, body and soul.

10% of our profit from this collection is donated to
a leading organization that treats mental health conditions and raise awareness to combat the stigma on mental health.

Notes of: peony . lemon grass + cedarwood

Wax Type: 100% natural soy wax

Burn Time: 70+ hours

Size: 12oz

Materials:  beige straight-sided glass with pine wood lid. 100% crackling wood wick.

*Description provided is for information purposes only and not to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases*