A little bit about us!

Our small business was born in a time where darkness had fallen upon the world. During the beginning of 2020 Covid-19 hit and the world was forced to stop and reset.At the time I was working full time in the medical field as a Cat Scan Technologist, and therefore was still employed and going to work full time with at times one day off during the week due to the slow patient flow. This gave me the extra time to reflect and create. The idea of candle making came to me after my grandmother passed away and also having extra time, I wanted to use it creating something in her honor. So I ordered a candle kit and the journey began.Months later of creating candles for fun and gifting them to friends who gave me amazing feedback. I decided to start looking into wholesale supplies , and making my business official. I began to put a lot of energy into my craft and developed a huge passion for creating , designing and being able to share some light with the world.Pure Essentials & Co. is my baby and is so dear to my heart because it was really founded during a dark place in the world and I feel like I was able to share so much light with just the essentials ; some matches and a candle!With time I began to dive deeper into my spiritual journey, attended a few retreats, joined some energy healing courses, reiki courses, soul immersive trainings, crystal energy healing workshops, which has all been an amazing addition to our shop.We now carry crystal infused - energy guided candles, reiki infused candles and above all products are sold and made with intention and love.I take pride in creating my candles and products using only 100% natural, organic and non- toxic ingredients to ensure a clean burn, free from harsh chemicals, sulfate free, phthalate free, paraben free and synthetic dye free. I hope you all enjoy and love our products as much as I do creating them.